A Fresh Approach to Facilities and Asset Management

NewSystem of Asset Management (SAM) empowering your business


Cloud based

Secure cloud based system, with no software to install and accessible anywhere from any computer, mobile or tablet.

Decrease Costs

Through the use of our streamlined processes and dedicate staff decrease operational costs in your business.

Adaptable and Scalable

Modular adaptable software can be tailored to suit your business needs and scalable to meet the size of your business however big or small.

Easy to Use

Designed for front line staff and managers, the SAM system is not bloated with unnecessary features but is clean, simple and easy to use.

Every business recognises the importance of facilities management, however traditional facilities management rely on layers of supply chains, third party contractors, a myriad of contract Service Level Agreements and a host of contact numbers. This disparate and sometimes dysfunctional system doesn’t lend itself to be managed from a central point nor quickly and accurately see what’s going on. SAM works by bringing together all this information, removing the duplicated management structures created by the supply chains, effectively monitoring contractual performance and houses this in a single cloud based website with a single point of contact.

With the power of SAM and the experience of the proficient VFS call centre team, see reports, breakdowns, and detailed analysis of every aspect of your forecourt from legal compliance to asset uptime to SLA performance instantly. Details are grouped to give you an overview across your business and broken down to give you comprehensive control, delegation tiers allow you to manage your team seamlessly and the ‘Exceptions Dashboard’ allows you to concentrate on what’s urgent fast.

Transparent real time insights help reduce the downtime of assets by focusing resources, highlighting trends and issues faster and providing a spotlight to help the coordination of a resolution. The Experienced and dedicated VFS call centre team liaise with third parties and contractors as well your financial and maintenance departments to provide the best, most efficient and cost effective outcome possible.

Through the use of our Integrated Services automate your existing processes and outsource your tasks, our skilled call centre and admin teams can provide many of the back office functions, from approval of chargeable works, to invoice checking to work tendering to compliance management. Our innovative eSite Register allows end users, managers and regional bodies to view, enter and manage data pertinent to them. In this way all process from senior management downstream can be automated and integrated in one complete package.


• Real time and full call breakdown see clearly where and when calls have been reported and how they break down. See updates from contractors and third parties; follow the stages, escalation and progressions of the call using our Timeline view.
• See live and up to date Service Level Agreement (SLA) statistics by contractor, by region and by your sites.
• Keep on top of all calls including calls needing follow up, calls that have been chased up and critical calls.

• Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports are real time and updated instantly giving you detailed and accurate contractual performance of your contractors. The reports are interactive allowing you do drill down into any performance related issues and get to the heart of the matter enabling you to make decisions quicker.
• Integrated Cost and Margin reports as well as other accounting reports such as Work in Progress (WIP) and Invoice reports allow you to see transparently what the costs are, what your margins are and how well you are performing month on month.
• Live Operational Reports with in-depth analysis of asset behaviour and asset performance giving you a consistent and accurate picture of what is happening across all your sites.

• Online repository of certificates, applications, test results and documentation available 24/7 including both current versions and historical versions. This allows central accessibility of all certificates reducing paperwork and allocating direct access via the eSite Register to sites of their documentation.
• Keep a track of expired or near expiring certificates, ensuring constant and perpetual compliance of all your sites.
• Integrated Remedial Actions linked through the call system providing transparency from test through to completion ensuring costs are kept low and that actions are completed timely.

• Real time Engineer Tracking alongside live call information integrated with Google Maps. Understand where your resource are, what work is outstanding, prioritise and optimise engineer workload.
• Engineer mobile application integrated holistically with the call system to bring up to date information to you and your customers when your engineer is on site. Reduce paper work with integrated job sheets, signed documents, and combine this information with photographs and videos.
• Engineering overview helping you keep on top of your resource with integrated information on where their timesheets, call allocation rates, hours on site and travelling as well as profitability.

Do more with professional tools

We understand that you quickly and accurately need to know what matters most to you. This is why we have re-engineered the home page to incorporate our Exceptions Dashboard technology showing you all the real important information live and transparent.

This advanced home screen harnesses the power of the FM system to bring together all its best bits to keep you updated in real time. From here you can delve further and see all the details that go behind the alert such as when it happened, what it is affecting and what we are doing about it.

We’ve tucked away the search filters on all reports so that we can use all the space to show you the information that really matters. Use the search icon to filter your report quickly and easily.

Even with the power of our reports we know that sometimes you just want to get your hands on the data and add macros, charts and formulas etc. This is why all our reports can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

The tables, charts and grids all have been redesigned with the sole purpose of making the reports clearer to read and easier to follow. We’ve taken great care and attention to how the reports look and feel and how they flow. The reports are easier to sort and search, enabling you to see the data in different ways, they are contained initially so as to not to overwhelm you but can be expanded to show all the data.

Forms and information entry has been made more straight forward and quicker. We believe that the easier the information entry is, the more detailed and accurate information is that is entered. The forms now save time allowing both yourself and our staff time to get more important work done.

In keeping with the new look we have replaced nearly all the buttons with descriptive icons making it easier to navigate and clearer to see.

All reports have been standardised so that all tables follow the same standard column headings, the same information types and the same sets of data.

This makes it easier to read and understand the reports as they follow the same format. It also makes it easier to compare disparate reports against each other enabling you to make instant decisions.

With the search filters out of the way and the forms and reports in standardised formats the whole screen looks less cluttered.

You’ve used descriptive and interactive icons to represent data better and to help you update the system easier.

De-cluttering has meant that we have moved bits of information off the screen that were unnecessary. But we realise that there is some information that is necessary but which you don’t always want to see.

We have designed hidden areas and spaces for this information that can be expanded to show the details or collapsed to hide it.

One of the main things that slowed down our users and customers was the uploading of documents and photographs. We have redeveloped this and made it a lot easier to upload by simply dragging your files and dropping them onto the Upload Pad.

No more sorting and uploading documents and photographs separately, you can upload them all together and our system will sort and categories them for you.

Do more with agile and responsive reports

All reports have been completely rebuilt from the ground up. This has enabled us to build the reports to be more responsive, more agile, quicker to load and easier to filter, export and print.

All reports are real time and show you the information there and then, no waiting around for an email with the report – all reports are instantly there.

Because we’ve redesigned the whole website, it is now fully optimised for tablets and smart phones and tablets, so no matter where you are or what you are using, the website will adapt to the technology used to view it.

Advanced features such as caching, database optimising and intelligent report builders speed up the time taken for reports to be generated.

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A Fresh Approach to Facilities and Asset Management System of Asset Management (SAM) empowering your business

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